Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!!!

The official day for giving thanks has arrived and we would like to wish everyone a very warm Thanksgiving Day. It’s obviously a very special day for our fellow Americans; this is the particular day of the year when we spare a day out from our busy schedule specially for giving thanks. 

I think I’m a bit early, but it’s always best to prepare before the occasion arrives at your front door. Yes, we are on the second week of November and the Thanksgiving Day lies on the 4th Thursday of the month, which means we might have to wait a while. On this very day we express our gratitude to the god and have a great moment with our friends and families. We share our moments of joys, have a great feast and recall our greatest moments taking us back to our nostalgic past. 

I think most of us we have a tight schedule on this particular day, and may spare a very little time to thank god. But folks remember that this day was designated to god and our thanksgiving should primarily be directed in his direction. However, the day also provides us an opportunity to express our gratitude to special people who have a great role in enhancing our life. So, this year put a stop to your daily schedule and spare some time to say thank you to God and your loved ones who have made your life absolutely beautiful.  

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