Friday, November 20, 2015

Universal Children's Day

 As we have entered into a digital age, the world has been much technically diverse which consequently has robbed all our humanitarian emotions. It is important to adapt into this modern world but we must also look after things that makes us human. And one of the most important aspects is protecting and promoting children’s right. 

Introduced in 1954, every year Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November to promote children’s right. The day highlights the importance of children’s right and moreover educates people about its importance. As Americans, we must consider ourselves lucky as we live in a country where rights are considered as a vital element. But if we dig in deeper and look into other parts of the world, there are lots of children who are even deprived of their basic rights.  

Universal Children’s Day looks after such issues and inspires everyone to promote children’s right. Millions of children across the globe fall in the criteria of exploitation, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence and corporal violence which is not acceptable in this modern era. Growing up with such experiences can result to harsh consequences and can hinder their physiological and physical development. So, move your steps forth for change and inspire a better future. Remember the initiation always starts from you, and later it grows into a family and society.

Inspire others, be the change!!! 

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